Sunday, February 15, 2015

Queen Kelly!!

Kelly's Pageant Day

Friday night, the candidates had a dinner with the judges, so they could get to know each other.
Saturday morning was interviews, both one-on-one and in a panel.

After interviews, it was time to start getting ready!

All the candidates received complimentary services from a local spa.
Here is Kelly before.

While Kelly was out getting made up, I finally finished the ornaments!
I wanted to use twine or a thick, gorgeous yarn to make holders, but they wouldn't thread into the layers of fabric.  
So, I went with metal wires.
Not perfect, but a reminder of their fun time being candidates.

 Kelly's hair, make up, and nails are done and she's ready to get ready!
They styled each candidate's hair for a crown.  :)

 After the pageant.

Kelly was not awarded a title or extra scholarship, although she will have a $1,000 scholarship for being a Top Ten Candidate.

She's still a queen to us though!

Queen Kelly and her sisters.

Kelly has high standards for her clothing.
When she has prepared for prom or homecoming in the past, she has not been able to find a modest dress at ANY local store.
Modest being it has sleeves and is at least to her knees.

Knowing we only had a few weeks to procure a dress, and knowing we couldn't go to Seattle or Spokane to look at larger stores (Anthony's lung), we enlisted the help of Ruth, my niece.  
Ruth finished her degree last year in clothing design and manufacture.

Kelly had seen a dress she liked online, had Ruth look at it, and told her how she'd like it made.
The dress was based on Emma Watson's (Hermione) black gown she wore to a function.

Ruth made the dress within a week or so, and she was able to meet Andy and Kelly halfway between our home and Spokane.
Kelly was ecstatic!
The gown is such a representation of her unique personality.
She is classy, elegant, yet still stands out.
The back of the gown originally was a zig zag type design and had a large velvet sash in the back.

The stage does different things though, so she was encouraged to take the sash off, and tack the wrap-around so it wouldn't flap around while she walked.

If you are interested in #sewruthpowell and her work, comment and I can get her information to you.

 Josh was at a Valentine's dance and Anthony had to be at home with a babysitter.
Maggie, Lilly, Kelly, Daniel
 Tanner, Kelly, Brian
 Kelly and Andy
 me (Sarah), Kelly, Andy
 Kelly and me
 When we arrived home, Anthony was ECSTATIC to see his Princess Kelly.  :)
I coudln't get a picture that wasn't blurry!

 During the pageant, I was SO hungry!  
I hadn't been able to eat dinner beforehand, and my nerves made me not feel hungry.
But, halfway through, I was craving fried and fry sauce badly.
So, after picking Anthony up (Josh didn't want to go), we went to Shari's to celebrate.
Kelly and Anthony were making the Strong Against Cancer pose.  

 So many people love and support Kelly.
She was sad to not have an official title, but was loving the encouragement and love people gave her afterwards.
We were told by countless people in our community how they would love for her to be part of the royalty representing this valley.
The local queen is truly an icon who represents who we are, and is someone that the vast majority of local little girls look up to.
Kelly is worthy of that kind of admiration.

She represented her community, school, family, and her STANDARDS so well.
We are so proud of our Queen Kelly!!
One thing I have to add is that everything we needed to purchase, although it all added up to a LOT of money, was on clearance.  Except for her dress, but that was affordable too.  Big blessing for a big family!

Black and White pageant look, flooding, and nightmare haircutting

Kelly had several weeks of lessons and consultations to help her and the other Top Ten Candidates prepare for the Pageant and possible royal service for the next year.

A couple days before pageant, Kelly got her spray tan.
First one.
She was so dark from it and couldn't shower for 8 hours after.
Here's the contrast between her and Lilly.

 That evening, Anthony was in the bathroom while I was napping.
I woke up to him climbing on me and his hands were cold.
I thought he must've been playing in water, but he wasn't wet.

Maggie went downstairs for something and told me there was a LOT of water dripping at the bottom of the stairs.
I went to check on it, and it turned out to be a flood in our main floor bathroom.
Anthony had SHOVED feminine products all the way inside the small part of the inside of the toilet.

There was standing water, even though he had gotten a towel or two to help mop it up.
It took 4 or 5 towels to mop up.
Andy had to put a snake in the toilet that night to get the remaining blockages out.

I had an idea to make Christmas ornaments for the Top Ten girls.
So, I was feverishly working on that all week.
Here are some scraps.
 The night Anthony flooded the bathroom, Kelly hit our retaining wall in the driveway with my NEW VAN (2010, but still!) and popped the rear tire.

The hiddenn blessing here was that Les Schwab replaced it for free because it was one that we had purchased this winter and had warranty on it!!!!
I didn't even think of that, since it was our fault and all.
 My hair has been too long for too long!
We haven't had time, energy, or money at the same time to get it cut.
My plan was to let Lilly do a small trim, then do a small cut, then we could have our hairstylist, Lisa, finish it professionally.

Here's the before.

 I told Lilly she could cut AN INCH.
I showed her how much with my fingers.
She cut off 4 INCHES.
Not nice.
My hairstylist was not impressed.
 That night, we went to the Wenatchee Wild hockey game.
They had Friday the 13th Jason masks for the first 1,000 or 2,000 fans in the door.

PE and Super Bowl Drama

I needed to pick Anthony up early for therapy.
He was in p.e., and was he loving it!!!
I just need to make sure they are not having him too layered when he exercises.
It works his heart too much, but the exercise is so excellent for him!

 On Super Bowl Sunday, we headed over to Seattle for Anthony to have a sleep study.
With his lung not working, we have to do everything we can to make things easier and healthier for his good lung.
One thing that can help is, if he needs it, having tonsils and adenoids removed.
Another thing would be giving him supplemental oxygen at night to saturate his lungs with oxygen, if he has sleep apnea.
Typically with apnea, a c-pap machine is used.  But, Anthony wouldn't tolerate that on his face.
When he is fighting a cold or flu, Anthony's oxygen saturations do plummet and he tolerates a well-ventilated, lightweight mask on his face, for oxygen.
So, if he has apnea, we'd do oxygen at night even when he's well.

Before the Super Bowl...
 Watching the half-time show with his cape half off.
 Dancing along.  ;)
 He would lose interest and play with the blankets and toys in the ottoman, then look back every once in a while to see the action.
 No, he's not praying, he's clapping.
 Anthony LOVES hugging Gran-Nana!
Lilly had black marks under eyes to watch the game with.
 Taking pictures of me taking pictures of them.  :)
 We left Lilly and Maggie at Nana's and went to the sleep study.
Starting to get sensors put everywhere.
 Soft gauze wrapped the sensors to keep them in place.
There were sensors on Anthony's legs to measure movement if he kicked in the night.
There was a sensor under his nose to measure temperature to see if he was having too much CO2.
He had a sensor for the oximeter, which measures how much oxygen saturation is in his system and his heart rate.
I think there were heart sensors and there were the ones on his head.
 Keeping the cords together in one place.

 This sleep study was a big adventure.
Anthony had been sick with a cold for a couple weeks before, needing oxygen at night for that time.
The 4-5 days before, Anthony did not need oxygen and was doing great, health-wise!
When we drove over the mountain pass, with a high elevation for him, Anthony's oxygen was 97% at the lowest, which is excellent!

During the sleep study was a different story.
We'll get an official report on Tuesday, but I got a preliminary one that night.
Anthony had basic apnea for the first 4 hours.  He would stop breathing, his oxygen sats would go down, but then he'd do fine, oxygen-wise, as soon as he took a breath again.
At some point, his sats were low enough to do some blow-by oxygen, but he still recovered his percentage of oxygen saturation each time.

At 3AM, I woke up to Anthony climbing on top of me in his sleep.
He was chilly, but acting like he had a fever.  No fever (I checked), but he was making the pneumonia-coughing sound, trying to work some phlegm out and couldn't.
It was a wet, scary sound that we've heard before when he's been really, really sick, sick enough to be in the hospital.
He kept sleeping, but when I woke up just before 5AM to that same cough sound, he was so hot and moaning from misery.  His temp was 102.9.
With the fever and the cough, the tech and I decided it would be best for me to bring him over Lake Washington to Children's ER, where they are familiar with Anthony.
She gave me statistics for the night, which is not normally done until a follow-up visit with Pulmonary.
After those first 4 hours, Anthony had an oxygen flow of 6 liters, and was still not saturating above 88%.  Not good.
Rather than going to a 24-hour pharmacy on the way for Tylenol, we went straight across the huge bridge to the ER.
This is huge for me since I've always had nightmares about drowning and have extreme anxiety on big bridges and especially when there are several lanes of traffic.
But, traffic was really light because of the early hour, and I did great!!!!!!!!!  
That right there was a miracle.

By the time we got to the ER, Anthony's fever was down, but not gone.
Because of his history, we did a chest x-ray and a nose swab to check for the flu.
If it was the onset of flu, they could give him tamiflu.
The swab was negative, thankfully.
Chest x-ray was better than December's.
Anthony recognized the x-ray room because of the Buzz and Woody decals on the wall.
The ER doctor wasn't familiar with us and wanted us to be admitted for 24 hours.
But, when he consulted with Pulmonary, they sang our praises (which they don't often do, I guess) and said we'd be fine at home since we know how to take care of the oxygen need, have the equipment, and we go to the hospital when he warrants it.
Coming back home, Anthony's saturations got as low as 91%, but he was in the mid-90's most of the way and we didn't need to turn the oxygen on.

That night, he didn't need oxygen, but just as we were about to wake him up for school the next morning, Anthony's oximeter started alarming and he did need oxygen. 
We kept him home that day and let him sleep.
The next day, Anthony had goop in his eyes.
Big, NASTY green goop.
And he had a cough.
So we went back to our own pediatrician and he was put back on antibiotics.
Anthony finally got to go back to school, with the doctor's approval, on Friday.
He missed 4 days just from this kind of stuff.
Poor boy has missed so much school this year.

On the mountain pass, it wasn't snowing too much at the top of the mountain, but at our closer rest stop, it was dumping!!!
I'm grateful that we had to spend so much money for our studded tires.
 Back at home, Anthony started getting really wild each day, and doing crazier than normal things.
He was in the kitchen and I came in to check on him.
This is what I found.
Cat food in the pans and Kitchenaid bowl.
He also had hand towels all over the floor since he had been playing with the dirty dishes in the sinks and there was a lot of water on the floor from that.
It only took him about 3 minutes to be this busy.
I figured he couldn't do much more damage and let him continue with the cat food for a few more minutes while I was out of the room.
When I came back in, the cat food was back in the bucket and the pans were in the cupboard....they all got washed later though!


Banana cold driving license!

Anthony was playing with his fire truck one day, in his undies.

 Then he climbed inside and had Andy guide him around the house.
I can never get the camera out in time!

 Maggie was helping Lilly do her highlights.
She had to hook hair through each circle on the cap-thingy.
I didn't take an after picture.
We thought it was really blond while it was processing, so we told Lilly to rinse it out.
There wasn't enough highlight action going on for her taste, so Lilly did another round of highlighting.
It's really highlighted now.
 Josh, Lilly, and Maggie went ice skating with a couple friends.
Anthony got to watch and eat popcorn.

 Maggie's been baking banana bread lately.
It's really goood!
 Anthony got into Lilly's eyeliner...
 And, Josh got his driver's license!!