Wednesday, August 20, 2014

2014 Epic Road Trip -- July 20

The day or two before our trip, there was extreme wind in our community.
I was going to the store every day to pick up more stuff for our trip.
One of those trips, I opened my car door, and the wind whipped it open fast and furious!
It didn't just scratch the sporty, shiny, newer, black Acura TL, it dented it!
After our insurance increased after our car accident in March, I didn't want to have an insurance claim, so we figured we'd pay for the probable buffing to fix the problem.
It turned out to be almost $1k!  
The insurance got to deal with it after all. 
 Later that day, Andy was officially on vacation!!!!
 We started our Epic Road Trip 2014 on Sunday, July 20.
We went to the cousins' for a baby blessing.

Everyone ready for the adventure to come! 
(don't mind my finger in the way)
We took a picture at each rest stop we went to.

 Lilly after church
 Joseph and Lilly
 Shirley and Lilly
 Eliza, Shirley, Lilly
 Joseph, Eliza, Shirley
 Eliza, Joseph, Shirley
Cousin games!
 Baby Benjamin
 Chillin in the corner with our luggage
 Grace, Ruth, Kelly
 The cousin bus

 Eliza and Anthony playing with the windchimes
 My sister, Margie's, amazingly lush and productive garden!
 Ruth was letting the girls dress up in wedding dresses.
Ruth actually made this one that Maggie was modeling.

 Lilly and Ruth

Random stuff from July 2014--before our trip

The first 2 pictures are from May or so.

 Maggie made an angel food cake for July 4.
We had raspberries with it, I think.
 Anthony really does look like an angel when he's sleeping.
Most of the time when I see sleeping baby pictures, they look creepy to me.
But, look at this!
So darling.  :)
 Our neighbors gave us a whole bunch of cherries!
So, Maggie made cherry pie.
It was so sweet!
 For Family Home Evening, Maggie was in charge of dessert refreshments.
She made chocolate butter sauce dots to freeze, then made crepes.
The crepes were filled with chocolate sauce, put on these plates, and powdered sugar dumped sprinkled on top.

 The local hospital has been utilizing the kits I assemble, more often.
These are full of necessities for parents/caregivers when a child is transferred to Seattle for care.
So, before our month long trip, I  made sure they had enough to last the month!
 We had a ward temple day at the Seattle Temple.
Kelly, Anthony, Maggie
 Josh, Maggie, Lilly, Anthony, Kelly

 Making temple structures out of skewers and marshmallows.

 Lilly fish-tailed my hair.

 Anthony takes over our pillows and blanket after we wake up in the morning.
He sleeps in a bed next to our bed, but always climbs in.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

July 2014--Part A

 Coming back from one of our Seattle appointments and checking out the train rest stop.

 Last year, a really nice neighbor noticed that we had writing on our van about leukemia.
She had gone through cancer or her husband did.
She wanted to do something for us, and got together with her church group, purchasing a gift card for our family to go out to dinner.
We finally (almost a year later!) had a chance to go to Olive Garden and had dinner!
Anthony was loving the straws in the cups.  :)
 Daniel with his favorite shirt.

I hadn't had a hair cut in about 9 months!  
No time when we had money, no money when we had time.
My hair was pitiful, and my bangs were in my way all the time.
I had to clip them back to keep them out of my eyes, but then my huge, shiny forehead was fully exposed...

 Finally have bangs again!  (they showed a lot better the next day)
 Josh's haircut