Thursday, January 15, 2015

Quilt, LILLY IS 15!, pageant, missionaries, and chocolate covered pretzels

So these pictures got all out of order and I'm too lazy to put them back in order.

Here's the quilt I made for Kelly's fundraising efforts for her choir trip to Disneyland in a couple months.
Kelly solicited donations from local businesses for the choir's dinner and auction night.
She raised most of the money needed for the trip.
She also made some things for the auction that were popular!

I meant to make this lap quilt for the auction, but was sick when Anthony was in the hospital and I didn't get the energy needed in time.
So, I finished it a week or two later, and finally did a raffle at the start of the year.
We hoped it would bring in the remaining amount she needed for the trip and for food while there.

Our friends and family were so GENEROUS and she far surpassed what was needed.
Thank you!
*My brother, Abe, was the raffle winner!*
 Lilly turned 15!
She had a birthday party on her birthday, but we ended up doing her cake (which was actually brownies with salted caramel swirled in) on the next day when everyone was home.
She let Anthony help her blow the candles out.

 Kelly's participating in the local royalty pageant.
On the first big night of the proceedings, the girls all go on stage and introduce themselves and answer questions about their interests.
They also give one fun fact.
Somehow, Kelly's fun fact was used by someone else.
So, on the spot she made up another one.
Most people with Down syndrome can stick their tongue out farther than other people.
Which is true!
 The next morning, the candidates (20 from Kelly's school) all gave a 2-3 minute speech on the best day.
Kelly's speech was amazing!!
She did great!
Josh escorted her to her seat.

 Anthony grabbed Tanner for a picture.
 That night (last night), was the announcement of the top 5 girls from Kelly's school who will continue on in the pageant.
Kelly made it!!!!
She's very excited.  :)

Maggie made some dipped pretzels on Christmas.
 The missionaries came over with a friend the night before they were transferred out of the area and one finished his mission.
Anthony climbed all over our friend and had himself zipped into his jacket.

 Climbing into the small Christmas tree box
 We finally got some more snow a few days after Christmas!
 The raffle quilt

Christmas 2014

 He must've slept through Santa visiting.
 Ooooh, Superman jammies??
 Gotta get undressed to put them on!

 Lilly and Maggie wrapped Andy's clothes for me.  He had some jeans in each Converse box, plus a shirt folded in between.  Then, they taped them all together like a sandwich.

 Anthony's teacher gave him an ornament with his picture on it.
So he put it right on the tree.

 Figuring out his new quad copter
 Even Superman needs medicine sometimes.
 Maggie and Lilly both got boomboxes.

 Ham lunch
 Josh acted like he forgot something, went to his room, then came out with a package of chips for everyone to share.  :)
 Anthony had to have some of that action.
 Then, Superman thought he should eat outside in the sunshine.
 My new sweater! 
It's so soft, warm,  and comfy.  :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Getting read for Christmas!

Since we couldn't get a real Christmas tree, my wonderful neighbor, Angela, brought me some candles that smell like Christmas trees!!
That was so nice.  :)

Andy brought me home some greens from the store.
They were trimmed from trees by customers and were just going to be thrown away.
So, having a bough made from those clippings helped my mood immensely as well.
 We went to a hockey game as a family, since Andy was given tickets at work!
It was a good game, but Maggie and Lilly did get hit with the puck!
There wasn't long-term damage, but Lilly's elbow hurt for a little bit.
 Anthony is always taking the misisonaries' nametags.
I saw one online and ordered it right away.
He loves to wear it now, but now (3 weeks later) it's misplaced...
 Our potatoes usually go in the gray milk crate.  I always peel and slice potatoes in the front room so I can sit while I do it.
Remember we have a large family so when we use potatoes, we use a lot!
I was in the kitchen and Anthony decided the milk crate would be better used for his cars and blocks.
 Gran-Nana needed a lap quilt for when she, Mudd, and Aunt Di go out.  
Her favorite color is purple/lavender.
I'm not a purple person, but I think I put enough in there, along with some other fun colors!

 I get to learn to machine quilt better this spring!
 Someone at Anthony's school made Olaf from a sock.
He loved it!
Until he played with it in the bathroom and it got wet.
Until then though, Anthony took Olaf everywhere with hime.
 We had missionaries over one afternoon so Anthony insisted on a picture.
 On Christmas Eve, the kids all put together our yearly gingerbread house...
 ...pretty sloppy, so they could eat it sooner.

 They even taught Anthony to eat the people!
 Daniel came over for a little bit after work.
He worked on Christmas Eve until 7 or 8, then on Christmas Day same time.

 Nothin like a late-night dance-a-thon to the Smurfs on Christmas Eve, in your undies.

Lilly's friend was going to come over for the night since his family went to Mexico without him.
But, it didn't happen.  
This was a different Christmas than normal.
I'm just so thankful we weren't in the hospital!