Saturday, March 29, 2014


Kelly has been sick since November.
We finally got a referral to Seattle Children's after an ultrasound showed gall stones.
Hoping that would be the cause of her illness because it would be so simple, we went to Seattle for surgery on Valentine's Day.

The night before, we stayed at Nana's.
Anthony has so much fun with Uncle Joe.
Of course, Uncle Joe plays football with him.  :)
 Uncle Jose even spoiled Anthony with soda, and with a straw!
 Doing homework the night before...probably not as much studying being done as there should be.

 Kelly no longer has a gall bladder, but she still gets sick.
So we went back to visit a GI specialist instead of just the surgeon.
He gave us a very vague diagnosis, but it all made sense and is something that can be taken care of with more natural methods.  We were so excited!
Can you see it on her face?

...Fast forward a couple weeks, and Kelly's in the ER with such extreme pain she's writhing in the car, screaming.  They gave her morphine, the pain disappeared, and they sent her home.
The next day, same pain.
Back in the ER, they did more tests.  This time, they did more than blood work.
Kelly's liver numbers from the blood work were going up, in the wrong way.
Her ultrasound showed her liver duct being dilated.
With the pain being so extreme still, even with morphine again, we decided to have her ambulanced to Seattle.
We got to Seattle, and her pain had the ER staff jumping to get it under control.
Once they found a good medicine, more tests were inconclusive.
Kelly was admitted so we could figure out what was causing the pain.

An MRI the next evening showed everything as being normal inside.
Her pain was gone, and the liver numbers improved so much that we got to go home after another night in the hospital.

The specialists feel Kelly had a "stray gall stone" that was passed through the liver.
And/or sludge, which is tiny, microscopic pieces of stone.

Whatever the cause, when she was allowed to leave, she put on regular clothes, make up, and was so excited to be normal again!

Sleeping on the way home, with her blanket that had been waiting when she got her room at the hospital.
For all you quilters, I cannot tell you enough how wonderful it is when people make and donate quilts to hospitals or Ronald McDonald House for patients to have.
It has always been comforting for Anthony, and it really really really touched Kelly that someone would think of her when she had had such an AWFUL, painful experience.
Even though other bedding was changed during the two full days we were in the hospital, that quilt stayed on Kelly.

 Anthony with one of his quilts that he received at the hospital.

So far, Kelly is doing well.  
She's still sick, but we have additional things we're working on, to hopefully help her get better in the next several months.

All I know is that Kelly's personality is back!  She is definitely feeling better, and I hope it stays that way.

Friday, March 28, 2014

nightmare life

The day before my birthday, my finger was slammed in a door.
It was cut pretty badly and the nail was almost completely off.
I had 4 stitches and looked like I was related to Frankenstein.
ER was not the place I wanted to be the day before my birthday.

 Pictures of the stitches are too gory, so this is the extent of what I'll post.
 My birthday was fine.
The day after, my computer was dropped.
We went to Costco after picking Maggie up, and on the way home were t-boned two blocks away from our house.
Into Anthony's door.
Everyone was able to walk away from the accident, but Anthony thought it was fun to play with the glass.
We got him out and he played with neighbors while we talked to the police officer.
 There was so much glass in his car seat.
I'm so glad there were only a couple of tiny slivers of glass in his cheek/neck.
 My wonderful visiting teacher brought over dinner since we'd had such a bad weekend.
 And our wonderful neighbors brought over some yummy cookies!
All this started a week into March.
In the middle of it all, we've had nasty illness in the house.
We are ready for spring, no matter how much fun the snow was!

Some activities

Anthony LOVES water therapy!!!
 Wearing headphones at Lilly's basketball game
 He got tired of watching (not normal) and laid down on the bleachers.
 Field trip to the fire department.

 One of our favorite missionaries.
 Sharpie anyone?
 Anthony loved watching Space Jam, one of Daniel's old favorite movies.
 Our upstairs has desperately needed fresh paint for a long time.
Andy was helping me paint the higher parts.
Hopefully soon we'll have some good pictures of the after...but there has to be an after first.

 Lilly got glasses!

Lilly! And other fun stuff

Lilly turned 14 in January.
We've had a crazy couple of months, so I was only able to bring some goodies in for her lunchtime.
A huge doughnut, her favorite chips, and favorite lemonade.

I was so excited Disney was coming to Wenatchee.
I thought it was Disney on Ice, but no.
It was on a regular stage.
Anthony hated it because I forgot to bring his headphones to reduce the noise.
He couldn't handle it, so I had to hold him in the walkway with my hands over both his ears.
He did enjoy the Little Mermaid part where it was "Under the Sea" and the actors all wore dark clothes, the lights were off, and they waved fluorescent sea creatures in the black light.
 Josh ran for vice president at school.
Kelly helped with advertising, and he did an awesome job with his speech.
He did not win the election, but is in the student leadership class.

Because Lilly is 14 now, she can go to the almost-monthly church dances for youth.
She had Xandra go with her and they both had fun.

We were driving Aunt Di's van because Anthony and I had taken the train to Seattle for a check up.
The train was super late, then stopped in the middle of nowhere, in the dark, before we got to the Everett station.  It was some kind of an electrical problem that set off the brakes and shut the power off.
I decided that I didn't want to go over the mountain on a train I was anxious about, so my amazing Mother-in-Law came to rescue Anthony and me.
We drove Aunt Di's van to our house the next day, and Andy was able to bring it back a few days later when he had vacation.
First thing to do at Nana's is find the yummy snack corner!

 Then put in a movie by yourself....
 Then eat McDonald's on the way home.

 Maggie wanted to take apart a coconut so she could make coconut pie.
Not the best method, but we got it open.  :)
Pics are out of order.
This is Maggie a couple days later, in her Christmas apron and her new cookbook.
 And with the finished pie in Nana's cool baking dish!

The start of our family's 2014 visits to temples around the country.
Columbia River Temple
Richland, WA

Christmas Break 2013

Kelly has been sick since November and is not able to have a job yet because of it.
But with her goals, Kelly is anxious to start saving money sooner rather than later.
She decided to put her creativity to good use.
She made some Disney wallhangings.
This crown one was darling.

 One day Kelly decided she needed a new skirt.
She went downstairs, found the fabric, found a tutorial online, and made it within a couple hours!
 Watching Josh play video games from the best point of view.
 Anthony bites all of his already-brittle nails.
His left big toe was huge and purple.
We brought him in to have it checked, since he can't afford to have serious infections.
Afterwards, the family was excited to have Cafe Rio for dinner.  :)
 Kelly made Anthony this dinosaur tail for Christmas.
 Maggie being interesting with foam mosaic stickers.

 My son:
5 years old
Down syndrome
Heart defect survivor

went ice skating for the first time!

Take THAT cancer!!

Both Josh and Andy got rockets for Christmas.
We went to a school field to set them off.

 Andy's rocket went into the lower field.  
He had to jump the fence and climb down a small, steep hill.  :)