Thursday, October 23, 2014

Make A Difference Day 2014

You can find my hospital kit project, Gold-n-Plum, here.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Anthony's Awesome Therapy

Anthony has participated in therapies since he was 2 weeks old!
I am a firm believer that with therapy, anyone with or without disabilities can achieve so much more.

Anthony is as strong as he is (in every aspect of life) because of his weekly therapies.
At school, Anthony receives speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy.

Privately (we bring him), Anthony goes to speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy in the form of swim therapy and now horse riding!
I have posted pictures before of Anthony at swim therapy.
He has always been a fish, which is great because just standing or floating in the water works so many muscles that can't be really worked on land.

Today was Anthony's first day riding a horse.
He kept calling himself Woody (from Toy Story movies), and making his sign for "horse."
He loved every moment!

And, he did very well, especially shooting baskets while on the horse and actually making them swish through.
He still has some things to improve on, but this was a great start.  :)

We went to Wenatchee, at Alatheia Riding Center.

 Anthony always likes to make this vicious face for pictures these days.

 Our friend, Brian, made this trail as his Eagle Scout project.

 Anthony and his friend held hands while riding, at one point.
I am so impressed with all the children I've seen ride so far.
Some have some more obvious disabilities, and they ride with such ease!
Or at least it appears with ease.
They really connect with the horses, which is the whole point.
I think we're onto something good!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Family Pictures 2014

I am a firm believer in the importance of having family pictures taken.
We get them just about every year.

This year, we went to Moses Lake on July 4.
Stefanie Galfano Photography did our pictures this time.
She also did Kelly's stunning senior pictures.
I'll have to create a post or 3 with some of those.

I'm likely really biased, but I think we've got a really good looking family!

 Anthony was being good at being the center of action the whole session.

 Lilly liked this version of one of her pictures best, but I couldn't put it on the side bar because all the other pictures are color.
 For several months this year, Anthony would do this face, and make everyone within eyesight do the same.
We'd all bust out laughing, including Anthony.  :)

A fun thing about getting our pictures taken--Anthony didn't want to listen to Stephanie, the photographer, if she called him by name.
If she called him "Olaf" (snowman from Frozen movie), he would listen.

 We couldn't decide which version we like better!

 Me with the boys and Anthony with his sticks.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

First Day of School 2014!!

Getting ready to take pictures and Anthony started dancing in front of the girls.

Maggie-8th grade
They didn't want individual pictures, but compromised on having one with Anthony instead.

 Dancing some more

Everyone enjoyed school.

I have the most to say about Anthony's, just because it's so funny.
Lilly and I went to pick Anthony up so he could go to water therapy.
We were parked outside the playground, and could see him at recess.
The aide was trying to get him to start walking back to class and Anthony kept dropping to the ground and going limp.
She had no idea what to do, and kept looking at the other aides to see if they had any ideas.
They were busy with the other children and didn't even notice what was going on.
She was so frustrated, and tried a few more times to get him to walk to no avail.
Finally, she picked him up and carried Anthony to class.
Lilly and I were laughing so hard the entire time because we knew he was basically throwing a tantrum because he didn't want to leave the playground.
He wanted to keep playing.

When I went in to pick him up, they told me Anthony was so tired he was laying down at the playground.
I laughed and explained that he might be tired, but the playground antics were purposeful, and he does that when he doesn't want to cooperate or go somewhere.

Also during school, Anthony went into the class bathroom and laid down on the changing table (special education class).
He wrapped a blanket on himself, pointed to the light switch, then said, "Nap nap."
I laughed hard at this, because he's never asked for a nap (never even said the word!), and he hasn't had a nap in months if not years!

The last funny thing is that when I was picking Anthony up, they said, "Wow, he really IS fast!"
I tell people, and they don't get why I have to have my eyes on him non-stop.
I'm not kidding.
He is fast, he has no fear, and he doesn't understand danger or safety.

So after we picked Anthony up, Lilly and I took him to water therapy.
The whole way there, he kept wiggling his tooth.
Several months ago, Anthony had two permanent teeth grow in, but the baby teeth wouldn't come out.
Right before it was time to go in the pool, he got the tooth out!
So, Anthony lost his first tooth on his first day of kindergarten!

 He loves Kit!
And, he's so close to swimming!

Some of the kids

Maggie loves her new overalls.
I told her how we used to wear baggier overalls back in the 90's and we used to have one strap undone and dangling.
She's not doing that.
Yes, Maggie's sitting on Anthony's tricycle.

 Still learning how to do machine quilting.
It's taking a while.
This wasn't as bad of a design to stitch, but I still need better (much better) technique.

Elder Potts was being transferred.
We had a lot of fun with him.
 Anthony was racing and chasing Elder Bartholomew.
 Coloring on the clip board after running around while waiting for his appointment.
 This quilt went to Baby Benjamin.
It was fun to do the stars, but the technique wasn't good still, and the stitched design took away from the design of the fabric placement.
Babies don't mind though, if you make an imperfect quilt.
It's still cozy!

 Lilly is our resident smoothie maker.
Anthony loves those smoothies!
 Tonight, they made some chocolate ice cream.
It was from a mix, but was so good!
 He had enough of cranking the maker.

Our Survivor Has a Birthday!

Anthony turned 6!!
He started the day out by going outside to see what Andy was working on--Daniel's moped.
Anthony had to show me his strong muscles and Hulk-vicious look for a picture.

 (a few random pictures added in from days that weren't his birthday)
wearing Josh's hoodie
 So happy to see Penny after we got back from our trip.
 visiting Daniel at his work
 Josh, Andy, Maggie, Kelly, and I did the ALS ice bucket challenge.
 Back to his birthday--
Anthony showing off his muscles again.
 cuddling with Kelly

I kept thinking I had several more days before Anthony's birthday, then the day before I realized how close it actually was.
There was no time to even do a last-minute party like I had wanted.
So, we did a special day full of things that Andy likes and loves.
Anthony won't eat breakfast.  He refuses.
So, we were surprised when he requested a quesadilla soon after waking up!

That afternoon, we went out.
There was a performance at the Pybus Market in Wenatchee, so we went to watch.
I figured Anthony would like it.
He liked it after we got his headphones on.
Crowds and microphones make his ears hurt.
 It's hard to see, but the performer is on her fabric near the top!

 Then, we went to the toy department.
Since his day snuck up on me, I didn't have a gift ready.
What better way  to get the right one than to have him pick it out?!

We picked out a couple toys he liked, but his new Buzz Lightyear figurine was the favorite by far.
He carried it all through the store and wouldn't let it down.
The other presents were a couple of puzzles and a see 'n say.  He really liked that.

 Maggie made his cake.
He thought the box with the Funfetti mix was the coolest, so Maggie made that.
I made up some frosting and added the only color we had, which was green.
I got some m&m's because Anthony really liked them a few months ago.
He doesn't like cake or frosting...or so I thought.
He ended up not eating cake, but not the m&m's either!
But, he did keep licking frosting off his finger.  :)

 Kelly's sad because she had recently started her gluten-free diet, hoping it might help with her vomiting.
So, she couldn't have cake.
She did have m&m's though.

Anthony was so excited when we sang to him!
Watch the look of pure joy on his face.