Friday, May 16, 2014

Easter goodness

We visited the Columbia River Temple the day before Easter.
Lilly, Anthony, Maggie, and Josh 

 We had an Easter egg hunt.
The easiest "eggs" were these chicks lined up on the porch.
 Yes, Anthony was searching for eggs in his undies.  :)

 Lilly holding all hers in her lap.
 Kelly searching the peach tree.

Andy found an egg a couple weeks later, on an outside window sill.
The candy inside was still good and was a good treat for him and me that day.  :)
 Comparing their loot.
Elder Greenwell was transferred to a different city, so we had to have the missionaries over before he left.
When he was first here, I talked about how good tomatoes are.
I eat them every day. 
He talked about how good they are dipped in chocolate...joking of course.
I trust everyone to tell the truth though (gullible) and thought he was serious.
So, we had to have chocolate-covered tomatoes before he left.
They weren't that good, but weren't poison either.

 Elder Heilbut thought maybe they were poison?

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mormon Prom 2014

Kelly went to prom with Devin, a friend she met at EFY.
Several months ago, she was looking online all over the place, for a modest formal.
She couldn't find one that looked right, and one night woke up with a picture of the right dress in her mind, made from an 80's wedding dress she happened to have.

So, she went to work.
She took the dress completely apart, took off the tulle on the chest area, removed the sleeves, redesigned the sleeves, used part of the remaining sleeves for triangles on the back of the dress (it was too plunging of a back for her), took off the zipper, and had me put it back in.

The sleeves and fill-in triangles on the back looked like they were meant to be there, and the dress looked like it was designed that way.
She found some gray chiffon and sewed pearls around the waist.

Kelly stunned everyone with her elegant creation and had a fun time at Prom!

 Don't mind the black straps underneath.
She ended up not embellishing with the black feather.
Kelly had the florist (shout out to Apple Blossom Floral!!!) incorporate some of the left over lace in her corsage.
It was perfect!!


While our family was sick during Spring Break, Lilly did Maggies and my hair.
Doesn't it look great?!
 Anthony trying to fit into his Daddy's clothes.  :)
Kelly decided to make a skirt one day.
She found some old curtains, just like Maria von Trapp, and got to work! 

 We saw this picture in Seventeen magazine and thought it looked just like Kelly.
 Goin' on a bike ride with Daddy!
 We finally got a newer minivan!
It's a 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan.
We got extra warranty on it, and have already had to use it, AND the $100 deductible to use it.
It is nice to have a newer car though, and it's so cool that the seats all fold into the floor, to make a single level cargo area if needed.
 I woke up to see this one morning. 
Survival in a big family.
Gotta label your bananas?  :)
 My dad used to make veggie soup all the time when I was a teenager. 
There isn't much better than the smell and taste of cooked onions, potatoes, celery, tomatoes, and a little bit of carrots.  

 Anthony kept going out the dog door, lined up the latest two cars, then came back in for more cars.
Family Home Evening activity was walking to the playground and playing.

 Andy donated blood.
There is a constant need for blood.
I can't count how many times Anthony received blood or blood products while going through chemo.
People like Andy saved Anthony's life by doing something so simple!
 Waiting for the chair at the blood donation site.
Daniel came to visit and shared his helmet with Anthony.
 That awkward moment when your teeth match your shirt....
Part of Kelly's illness has her vomiting several times a day, EVERY day.
Her teeth are already thinner (after several months of vomiting), so her dentist has her put fluoride on them each night.
The paste is aqua.
 My diamond had a broken prong, and it took me forever to bring it in to be repaired.
After a month or two, I finally can wear my ring again!
 Our hospital is using the kits we make!!!
We made a bunch more and delivered them.
These kits are for parents of children who are sent to Seattle on an ambulance or in the air.
They have the basics that most people don't think to pack.
If you want more information, you can check out the blog, here.
 My friend and I had a yard sale.
Someone had given us a bunch of hats like this a long time ago.
They didn't sell at the sale, but Anthony loves to wear this one.
 A couple of things Anthony thought needed pictures taken of.

 Maggie had a great idea to make some cupcakes for Easter.
They are chocolate cupcakes with dyed green frosting.  
She colored coconut green, then put robins egg candies in the nests.  
They were sooo good!
 We went to Seattle for Kelly and Anthony appointments.
This time we stopped at KFC and took some pics.
Those mashed potatoes and gravy are so fake, but so yummy!

 Anthony in his other hat to watch movies.

Saturday, March 29, 2014


Kelly has been sick since November.
We finally got a referral to Seattle Children's after an ultrasound showed gall stones.
Hoping that would be the cause of her illness because it would be so simple, we went to Seattle for surgery on Valentine's Day.

The night before, we stayed at Nana's.
Anthony has so much fun with Uncle Joe.
Of course, Uncle Joe plays football with him.  :)
 Uncle Jose even spoiled Anthony with soda, and with a straw!
 Doing homework the night before...probably not as much studying being done as there should be.

 Kelly no longer has a gall bladder, but she still gets sick.
So we went back to visit a GI specialist instead of just the surgeon.
He gave us a very vague diagnosis, but it all made sense and is something that can be taken care of with more natural methods.  We were so excited!
Can you see it on her face?

...Fast forward a couple weeks, and Kelly's in the ER with such extreme pain she's writhing in the car, screaming.  They gave her morphine, the pain disappeared, and they sent her home.
The next day, same pain.
Back in the ER, they did more tests.  This time, they did more than blood work.
Kelly's liver numbers from the blood work were going up, in the wrong way.
Her ultrasound showed her liver duct being dilated.
With the pain being so extreme still, even with morphine again, we decided to have her ambulanced to Seattle.
We got to Seattle, and her pain had the ER staff jumping to get it under control.
Once they found a good medicine, more tests were inconclusive.
Kelly was admitted so we could figure out what was causing the pain.

An MRI the next evening showed everything as being normal inside.
Her pain was gone, and the liver numbers improved so much that we got to go home after another night in the hospital.

The specialists feel Kelly had a "stray gall stone" that was passed through the liver.
And/or sludge, which is tiny, microscopic pieces of stone.

Whatever the cause, when she was allowed to leave, she put on regular clothes, make up, and was so excited to be normal again!

Sleeping on the way home, with her blanket that had been waiting when she got her room at the hospital.
For all you quilters, I cannot tell you enough how wonderful it is when people make and donate quilts to hospitals or Ronald McDonald House for patients to have.
It has always been comforting for Anthony, and it really really really touched Kelly that someone would think of her when she had had such an AWFUL, painful experience.
Even though other bedding was changed during the two full days we were in the hospital, that quilt stayed on Kelly.

 Anthony with one of his quilts that he received at the hospital.

So far, Kelly is doing well.  
She's still sick, but we have additional things we're working on, to hopefully help her get better in the next several months.

All I know is that Kelly's personality is back!  She is definitely feeling better, and I hope it stays that way.