Monday, December 31, 2012


We put a life-size Buzz on Anthony's and Josh's bedroom wall.
A was ecstatic.

 Kelly made another skirt.  She's got design talent.  ;)
Swimming at Walt and Effie's pool. 
We finally realized that it would be a lot safer if we had a life jacket on Anthony when we're at the pool.  Still not as fool-proof as adult supervision (which he is never without), but safer when he's so fast!
We went to Slidewaters with some of Grandma's money.
Lilly and Maggie racing down the slides.

Anthony sliding with Daddy!
We drove in one car.  Our Ford Taurus station wagon has 8 seat belts.  It's tight, but we all fit, even with Anthony's car seat!
Anthony was dressing his feet/legs with a shirt.

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